Future International Stars

This is our list of artists that have the potential to be INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTARS. We honestly believe with the right team with them and seizing the right opportunities they can make waves. Our suggestions to them would be to keep grinding, stay competitive, never forget who is there when you have nothing, watch everyone and learn from their mistakes Be Grateful for everything (good or bad) and most important Give Praises to the Highest.


Blocka Boyz:?Nino, Jambabys and Zesario are known throughout life, have grown up in Mstoles (the city located south of Madrid). One day we were all in the studio to record something and invited Zeta, a boy who comes from Latin America and who has been doing some interesting things.

The owner of the studio knew Like Gonza and also invited him to go there to complete the group.

The first meeting was good and what started as a test turned out to be a reality.



KIBO La Vos: WAS BORN IN AGUADA, PUERTO RICO. At 5yrs of age, he fell in love with music from singing in the church choir during his mother’s choir practices to competing in local talent shows.

KIBO moved to the states at the age of 16 and didn’t do anything with music until the age of 21, and then his mother passed. He found himself not being able to push forth, he realized he needed to regain his trust in God and by doing that God blessed him with the? the strength to push forth. At that time he came across a reggaeton producer and then it happened, recognizing his Destiny and here he is. Fighting to signify his position as one of the best reggaeton artists to touch your hearts and grace your ears. “God’s Blessing to all and Don’t Ever Give Up On Your Dreams and Destiny.”



Jay Shalé: Born in Regensburg, Germany. Jay is a very pretty talented and versatile vocalist, letting each experience add to her personal development. Taking her vocal abilities a bit more serious, she actively started pursuing singing and rapping in the spring of 2014, letting her life experiences influence her work. Jay produces as well, having reproduced some of the covers she’s posted online! Vocally, while attending Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas, Jay has performed in Houston, Dallas, and Austin.


Nasty C: originates from Durban in the Kwazulu-Natal Province. He started rapping at the age of nine, having been influenced by his older brother who was a producer at the time.He eventually mastered the process of music production and began adding his vocals on the beats he was making, later signing to Durban-based artist management company, Free World Music. (Wikipedia)